A downloadable KemonoOtome for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Kemonomimi Otome Life is an series of visual novels made by HolyShit, accompanyed with artist Maple-chan, character designer KurokoKani, and PinkiePlush100, the background designer. Also, we are emailing you when the full version of Part 1 is done. Also, Maple-chan helped us created this visual novel with her cute arts with Paint Tool Sai! Thanks to Maple-chan for helping us out on my new visual novel!

Mobile Versions

NO! there is not currently mobile version of this game. However, there are people who are creating fake mobile versions. Any mobile apps you see that appear to be the game are simply these fakes. DON'T download these apps.

With that said, an official mobile version of the game is currently in development, but not released yet.

Install instructions

Download the desired .zip file for your platform. It is recommended you download the latest version of the game, as older versions may contain bugs or be missing features from the newer versions. However, if you enjoy one of an older versions more, feel free to play it! Extract all the files from the .zip file, making sure all the files are in the same folder. The easiest way to do this on Windows is to right click the "KemonomimiOtomeLifePart1-X.X.X-pc.zip" file, select "Extract All..." and then click the "Extract" button on the window the pops up. This will put all the files in a new folder of the same name as the .zip file. Activate the game from this new folder, and feel free to move the folder wherever you want, so long as you don't move any files out of the folder.


KemonomimiOtomePart1-1.0-mac.zip 13 MB
KemonomimiOtomePart1-1.0-pc.zip 30 MB
KemonomimiOtomePart1-1.1-mac.zip 20 MB
KemonomimiOtomePart1-1.1-pc.zip 38 MB
KemonomimiOtomePart1-1.2-pc.zip 38 MB

Development log


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Alright, we will cease development of that series and we will never make parts for that game. Thank you for always playing Kemonomimi Otome Life.

It makes me feel weird how this is a harem but the title says "otome" which is a game about reverse harems.

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we need that part 2. I did fan art of Lilith 

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We will make Part 2 in the future. The title will be Kemonomimi Otome Life ~Japanese Nichijou.~ Also, Hiroshi will be the main protagonist of the upcoming Part 2, and so does the super shiny Elesis. Also, there will be new characters, such as a Yamato Nadeshiko (Musume), Magical girl (Lolica), the catgirl (Miyube), the tsundere (Kaori), the cutest (Naori).

i didnt expect this to be hentai o_____o

Wtf, it is??

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Yeah... just so you know before you download this, there is two $ex CGs.